Why Personal Trainers can't motivate you

The trip to the peak of the mountain-

  • Why Personal Trainers shouldn’t be used to motivate you
  • Where you should be finding motivation
  • What we, Personal Trainers can do for motivation


What do personal trainers do?

Should we be responsible for motivating you?


Think of it like this, you’ve set a goal to climb a mountain, you buy the kit, the flights and book a Sherpa to help you on your way.

You’ve got all the gear and no idea.

 Is it the Sherpa’s job to motivate you to climb that mountain? Or better question, CAN a Sherpa motivate you to climb it?

 Chances are, they can’t.

 You’ll only climb it if you really WANT to.

 BUT, what that Sherpa can do is give you the most motivating environment possible to make that journey as enjoyable as possible.

 The Sherpa can map out the way, talk you through the hard parts and prepare you for what you’re about to go through.

 These are things that if you had gone alone, you wouldn’t have been prepared for.


Exactly like Personal Training.

 Personal Trainers, we cannot motivate you.

That must come from you.

If it doesn’t you’ll fail and so will the Trainer in helping you.

 BUT, what we can and should do is set up the journey to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible.


We set a motivating environment, you must do the rest otherwise, again, it will not end well.


This is where you will go wrong.

You are relying on other people to motivate you.

This has happened with an old client of mine,

When someone starts something new like personal training, motivation is at such a high my client was smashing it, reaching all their early goals we set.

 Whenever I have someone starting out I will always explain to them there will be a time where it is not as rosy as it is now, you’ll hit a wall and progress will stall.

 My job is to make sure we are prepared for it and when it comes we have ways around it.

Just like a Sherpa would if you were struggling up a mountain.

 Anyway, that wall came, weight loss stopped, and motivation dipped.

My role in this situation is to find out why and how to get going again.

The client’s job is to carry it out.


So, we sat down found out why and created a plan to get back on our way.


Without the client having their own internal motivation us sitting down to map out a way to keep progress going would have been a waste of both our time.

All I did was make the new journey easier for my client to carry out.

Then the client does the rest.

Just like you should, don’t rely on anyone else to motivate you as it only ends one way. Failure.

Be self-motivated but surround yourself with people who set the environment for you, whether that be a certain gym you like to train at, a gym buddy who gets the best out of you or a certain Trainer who does all the above.