Training Rick, The Blind Barber.

1 month down with Rick, owner of The Blind Barber in Leigh-On-Sea.
Rick, like most, has a busy family life meaning training has had to take a back seat for longer than he wanted, double that with opening his own Barbers and you’ll excuse him for having a bit of a gap in his training.
With the business doing well we finally got times in place to Train twice a week that was flexible around his work and home life.
We’re currently in what I call the break-in phase of training, basically the first few weeks are to get you back in the swing of things if you have either been out of training before or if you haven’t trained at all.
This gives you much needed time to adjust to exercising again whilst still making progress.
Rick used to train beforehand so this stage was smooth!
Nutrition wise we agreed on cutting out snacking in-between meals which would result in a massive calorie saving, we didn’t need to change much more than this, to begin with.
Normally I’d leave it 4 weeks before redoing measurements and weight with clients, but we were both curious to see how we were progressing.
2 weeks in Rick was 4kg down and dropped 2 ½ inches from his waist, hips, and chest.
For men, these are the most stubborn areas so no complaints there.
This is all from just adding in 2 hours of exercise a week and cutting out needless snacks in-between meals.
No extreme diets, no cutting out social events and no programme that leaves you broken.
Next check in is 2 weeks away, with the motivation boost from the first month and a slightly different approach to his Nutrition, I’m looking forward to what’s next.
If you haven’t checked out The Blind Barber along Leigh Broadway I suggest you drop in!