How Phil got on with 12 weeks on the Dad Bod to Greek God course despite a busy work/family life

Nothing better than when friends and family mention how much you have progressed.


This is normally the turning point for most men when are on the #DB2GG programme, I make it very clear you are probably the last person who is going to see the progress you’ve made, whether that be a trimmer waistline, bigger arm or more confidence.



Because you see yourself each day whereas family and friends may not, it could be weeks/months before you see them again so when that time comes around and they bombard you with compliments it’s normally at that point you’ll feel on top of the world.


The same thing happened with Phil who has just finished on the 12-week Programme where he got his fair share of compliments and was just shy of dropping a stone.


Phil managed this whilst still enjoying social events and a very busy work schedule which sees him travel multiple times a month.


Phil is continuing his journey by becoming a Member of A.B.C gym and taking training into his own hands where I’ll provide him with Programmes to follow.


Here’s what he had to say;


“I've been with Dom's DadBod programme now for the past 12 weeks and the changes to my own mindset and physical health are remarkable. 

Throughout the course of the programme Dom has provided constant encouragement and guidance to keep me on the straight and narrow. 

He has tailored the work-out sessions to target my goals with great results. Friends and family have all been amazed at the transformation in such a short amount of time.

The nutritional guides and advise that Dom has given me have re-educated me and he has spent considerable time trying to find healthier substitutes for my many "bad" food vices!

I'll be leaving the programme in much better health with a lot less body weight and better shape all around. 
I cannot recommend Dom enough so if anyone is considering a PT at the moment then you should definitely pop along and have a chat with him.